Asset Labels produce Product labels, Security Tags, and Custom Stickers which can be used in different organizations, communities and the environment.

  • Property ownership.  The ability to identify your property keeps your assets yours!  They can also deter theft or interference (using Security Tags /Tamperproof/Tamper Evident labels).
  • Inventory tracking. Product labels are used to track inventory and pricing for manufacturers of their products.
  • Number of Assets. Do you know how many assets you or your business have?  How do you keep track of them currently if they aren’t all labelled or tagged.
  • Record of Location of Assets (Tracking).  This is often invaluable for larger organisations and businesses.  By using asset labels, you can know where your assets are or where they should be at all times.
  • Essential for a Asset Register. A professional and industry wide accepted method of helping you to keep your asset register up to date.  Many customers have labels referring to a specified department or person when assets are to be removed, repaired or replaced, saving you time and money to keep track.
  • Assists with Insurance Claims.  When performing audits of your equipment, the ability to identify any missing assets will be greatly helped by using asset labels.